What is exorcism? Who is an exorcist?

What is an exorcism?

Exorcism is a tangible sign of Jesus’ victory on the Cross over the powers of darkness.  It is a  sign of the presence and the power of God’s love.  It is a visible manifestation of the battle for souls which the Lord allows us to see with our own eyes.

In the Gospel, Jesus desires that His exorcisms are public (unlike His other miracles).  He tells those freed to proclaim their liberation (unlike His other miracles).

Who is an exorcist?
An exorcist is someone who is expressly and particularly authorized by the Ordinary (bishop) to perform an exorcism.  He is used by the Lord as an instrument in order to liberate  victims from the clutches of Satan’s extraordinary activities.

The exorcist is an explicit symbol of the battle between the Church and the devil.