Whether possession, oppression or obsession, there is a greater probability of the demonic if there is the presence of the esoteric, occult and sinful activities that occurred right before the onset of the problems.  The onset of the following will point to the probability of extraordinary demonic harassment:

  1. Recently playing/engaging in occult and esoteric “games” and activities such as spirit of the glass, the Ouija board and the like.
  2. Recently practicing magick rites and rituals (sorcery, spells, hexes, curses etc.).
  3. Recently going to a cemetery and other so-called “haunted” locations for ghost hunting or séances.
  4. Having recently visited a dead person or being close by when someone died and the person concerned has been known to be sensitive (psychic) to the spirit world.
  5. Started wearing and carrying talismans, amulets (anting-anting), and other occult objects.
  6. Recently having contact with the spirit world such as physically communicating with “imaginary friends,” spirit guides, ascended masters, familiars, dead ancestors, elementals (fairies), “wandering souls” etc. as well as recently making deals with them (in order to find treasure, for example) or challenging them in any way.
  7. Recently visiting and/or joining satanic, esoteric/occult and spiritist groups.
  8. Having had a recent traumatic experience.  Deep psychological and emotional wounds can be openings that evil spirits can latch on to.
  9. Having recently committed a graveful sinful action (ex. abortion) or living a sinful lifestyle for a long period of time.
  10. Having sought healing and other benefits from an occult/esoteric practitioner recently like a faith healer (albularyo), fortune-teller, witch doctor, shaman, spiritist, medium, etc.
  11. Having recently engaged in a quarrel or misunderstanding with someone who has access to witchcraft and sorcery.
  12. Practicing the ‘science of the mind” and other mind-altering techniques and methods that open the psychic faculty (3rd eye).
  13. Into heavy metal and death metal music; these are offered to Satan by the composers and have hypnotic rhythms and subliminal lyrics that have a very negative effect on the psyche of the person.

Also check for any occult/esoteric involvement and contamination when the patient was younger in order for them to be renounced and confessed.  There is also a greater probability of the demonic if the person’s family or ancestors had involvement with the occult such as being occult practitioners.

Reference:  Catholic Handbook of Deliverance Prayers